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Spain was in the process of implementing the CETME assault rifle, but there were not enough of the new assault rifles for issue and training.  They did, however, have stockpiles of older Mauser bolt action rifles (1916 and 1943 models). They developed a rifle that not only could be used to arm non-combatant and “Guardia Civil” troops, but also would fill the gap in training purposes until more CETME assault rifles were produced. The Spanish Special Purpose FR7 and FR8 rifles were born. These rifles were designed to shoot the 7.62mm NATO cartridge and have a birdcage flash hider that is designed to fire NATO rifle grenades.  Under the barrel there is a hollow tube that looks very similar to a semi-auto rifle's gas assembly. Its function is to hold the bayonet adapter and store cleaning equipment.'s Printed Disassembly & Reassembly Manuals

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