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Photos and Instructions by Eric (dieschem)

1) Figure 1 is an assembled CETME.
2) Visually and manually ensure that the rifle is unloaded, and remove the magazine. Once you are sure the rifle is unloaded, cock the rifle, let the charging handle return to the front and leave it cocked. Remove the 2 retaining pins at the stock end of the receiver by pushing on the pins, and then pulling them out. If needed, use the flat of a screwdriver to gently lift the pins after you've started them. (one pin is always harder to remove for some reason, usually the back one)
3) Remove the stock by placing your weak hand on the back of the pistol grip and your strong hand around the stock, and pull. It is usually pretty hard to get off the first few times so you might need to give the sides of the end of the stock a few raps with the flat of your hand to loosen it up.
4) Remove the trigger pack and pistol grip assembly by pulling the grip down and away from the reciever. Leave the hammer cocked. If the hammer isn't cocked, you wont be able to reinstall the bolt body into the reciever.

5) Place your right hand under the opening at the rear of the reciever, and with the rifle pointed slightly barrel up, slowly pull the charging handle to the rear.
6) The bolt body will slide out into your right hand. The bolt body is fairly heavy so be careful when you pull the charging handle back, or the bolt body will smack your hand as it comes out!

7) Shows the location of the fore end retaining screw at the muzzle end of the fore end.
8) Depress the fore end retaining pin and remove.
9) Remove the fore end by rotating it down and away from the muzzle end of the rifle.
10) Disassembled components, top to bottom and left to right. -Stock -Stock Retaining Pins -Reciever/Barrel Assembly -Bolt Body -Fore End -Fore End Retaining Pins -Trigger Pack



Adobe PDF Downloadable Version of Article