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Photos and Instructions by Eric (dieschem)



Part Number

Part Description

1 Bolt Body
2 Extractor
3 Main Spring
4 Striker/Firing Pin
5 Cocking Sleeve
1) Figure 1 is an assembled CETME.
2) Safety must be off or in the "F" position for takedown
3) Depress the magazine release and remove the magazine. Make certain the rifle is unloaded before proceeding.
4)  Full picture of the bolt body.
5) Rotate the bolt head 2 clicks left while holding in this position and pull the bolt head from the bolt body.
6) Rotate the firing pin holder until the firing pin holder and
firing pin apparatus slides free.
7) Figure 7 shows firing pin, firing pin spring and firing pin holder removed.
8) Figure 8 shows all components of bolt body disassembled reassembly of bolt body.
9) Figure 9 shows bolt head and bolt body together with the rollers locked out, preventing reinsertion into the receiver.
10) Figure 10 shows how to insert a flat screwdriver into the lands on the bolt head. Insert the screwdriver with the bolt head still in its "loose" position and turn 2 clicks clockwise. The bolt head and bolt body will be separated, allowing the bolt body to be dropped back into the receiver.


11) Figure 8 shows the bolt head and bolt body with the required gap between the 2 illustrated. "1" is the gap, "2" is the rollers.



Adobe PDF Downloadable Version of Article